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Owner Representative Services & Program Management

RMCC Services

Typically we’re the first one assigned to the project and that last one to leave. Therefore, in most cases our services commence upon the conception of project and continue through occupancy and transition. Specific services vary from one project to another depending on the unique needs for each project. Once the Project Concept Development is concluded a proposal specific to your project can be developed along with the estimated fees to carry out the services.


In some cases Owners will select certain services that we offer in a la carte fashion; in other cases we might be brought into the project after planning has already started. Given basic project information (scope/size, budget & schedule) along with an understanding of the services requested we can develop a proposal specific to your needs, whether it be full services or a partial services approach. We are very flexible in working with our clients in fulfilling their specific needs.


Services that we provide include the following.

  • Project Concept Development                                        
  • Site analysis, selection and acquisition
  • Site studies & due diligence
  • Project delivery method determination
  • Organization of Owner’s involvement
  • Development of Responsibility Matrix
  • Develop & maintain the Total Project Budget
  • Develop & maintain the Project Accounting Systems
  • Develop & maintain the “In/Out Budget Allocator”
  • Develop & maintain the Total Project Schedule
  • Assist in Insurance & Risk Management
  • Develop & present the Project Concept Deliverables

  • Project Team selection & contract negotiations
  • Refinement of the Responsibility Matrix
  • Development of the project communication systems
  • Organization & management of User Groups
  • Manage, monitor & direct the Design tasks, timeline & deliverables
  • Management of the Value Analysis process
  • Management of  the development of Mock-ups
  • Monitor & manage the Program vs. evolving design
  • Oversee & participate in Bidding & Buy-out
  • Negotiation of the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
  • Management of Agency reviews, approvals, permits, etc.
  •  Management & coordination of Utility Service providers
  • Manage the  planning, design & procurement of FF&E items
  • Manage the planning, design & procurement of IT/Communications  items
  • Manage the planning, design & procurement of Medical Equipment
  • Develop & present the Project Executive Summary Reports

  • Refinement and communication of the Responsibility Matrix
  • Develop and monitor the Project Communication Systems
  • Organize and manage the Project Team activities
  • Manage & monitor the Total Project Schedule
  • Manage & monitor the Total Project Budget
  • Develop & maintain Cost Commitment & Invoice accounting system
  • Develop and monitor the Quality Control plan
  • Review & negotiate Change Order claims
  • Manage the Agencies inspections & approvals
  • Manage & coordinate the Medical Equipment procurement & installation
  • Manage & coordinate the Telecom/IS systems installation
  • Manage & coordinate the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment procurement & installation
  • Manage & coordinate the Signage and Artwork procurement & installation

  • Manage and organize of  the Move, Occupancy & Transition Planning  
  • Manage and monitor Final Quality Control Audits
  • Assist with Facilities Management department training
  • Reconcile & close-out the various Project Team contracts
  • Prepare and present the Final Project Executive Summary Report
  • Assist in post-occupancy Warranty Claim Issues



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